14 and 17 year old dating

31-Mar-2020 02:48

They are so happy and I have no doubts that they were made for each other!When she was younger I encouraged him to come round our house, so that I could keep tabs on what was going on. I do understand you worries, but perhaps let her see how it goes and keep a close eye on how it develops.I think a 4 year gap is normal at later stages (from about 17ish) but the difference between a fourteen year old and a nearly eighteen year old is huge. DD3 was 14 when she started going out with a 17 nearly 18 year old.Having said that - it does depend on the individuals involved - like if your DD is very mature and her boyfriend isn't then it kind of evens out a bit. I was concerned, but I did think that once he was able to do things that 18 year old do he would soon lose interest in her and I expected to pick up the pieces of a first love gone wrong. and they are now married and expecting their first child.I did warn my now son-in-law that I would have serious words if he ever overstepped the mark with DD3 - tongue in cheek, but he got the message! I think it entirely depends on the individuals concerned.

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