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“He has been accusing me of being the reason Chantelle aborted the pregnancy but I wasn’t involved in all of that,” she said.

My husband was offered a job in Qatar just before Christmas 2008.

“I have always been a good husband and father; I would go out of my way to suppor my wife as well as our child but for some reason I wasn’t good enough for Chantell “I used to send her money during the time that she was sleeping with Talent since I was out of town with work.

“When I came back, Talent started demanding the baby from Chantelle that she had aborted and that was how I got t know about it.

When I picked mine up last year I felt triumphant, despite it being more “just-off-the-plane” than Delia’s “just-off-the-farm”. A vital ingredient for most Christmas lunches, its sale was actually banned in Qatar until just before last Christmas.

Its introduction caused quite a furore from the Muslim majority, who saw it as just another example of Western influence eroding their traditional culture.

Although we were certain it was the right move for us, that last celebration in Britain was a series of painful goodbyes.

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Sadly you can’t also just visit one supermarket, where, with Formula 1 inspired trolley skills and a steely expression, you can beat the crowds into submission and get everything in one go.When I packed up our belongings before our move, I had visions of the few decorations I’d managed to squeeze in being the only reminder of Christmas in Qatar. Although there were fairly slim pickings in our first year, the amount of Christmas-related paraphernalia in the shops has increased annually. Real trees are a rarity, and phenomenally expensive.