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Fact: Our outdated zoning laws and FAR limits were drafted more than fifty years ago, in part, to discourage dwellings.

(Source: What we’ve heard: Land use controls reduce property values. Property values rise because zoning protects the value and enjoyment of the owner’s property, improves neighborhood stability, reduces adverse impacts between conflicting land uses, and ensures quality and sustainable development and growth in the community.

What we’ve heard: Incremental municipal tax revenue on residential expansion more than makes up for the increased burden on our school system.

The Facts: Municipal tax revenue does not pay for schools and even if it did, it wouldn’t come close to making up for the burden on our school system.

Each square foot of residential expansion generates thirty-two dollars of city tax revenue but may cost the Rye schools more than three hundred dollars. For example, new homes often contain “unfinished storage space” that is designed to be quickly converted to game rooms, play areas and nanny rooms.

Put another way, for every dime collected by the city for residential expansion, school costs go up by a dollar. What we’ve heard: Fundraising activities, such as the Rye House Tour, mitigate the financial burden on the Rye City School District.

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What we’ve heard: New homes pay more than their fair share of school costs.Fact: Sound zoning policy is not to revise laws and grant variances on a case by case basis.

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