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I am looking for someone that is looking to build a future not to sit on there butt and take all my money. My name is Brittany I'm 19 and I'm attending college in the fall for a major in early childhood education and a minor in business.

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I messaged him, how did you find me since we have no similar friends. He was getting back into the dating scene since his divorce 5 years ago. Since he caught his wife cheating with another man. So I texted him, and I'm said; send me a picture of you right now. Pictures are awesome - very good looking - 60 ish and is looking for a wife (his son wants a mother figure). Doing the search with that name, there is a John Allen in Los Angeles (this is where he says he is from); but no idea who this person is or is not - but I do know it is a SCAM. The first for 000; the second only for my heart. Mowed over to what's app and he uses a Nigerian number -surprise. Ok now I get the friend request, I guess I'm still hoping there are decent men out there. Told Richard, he didn't want to be called Rich, I'm not as naive as I once was. Thinking back now, I mostly kept the conversation going if ladies that is a clue. I am recently divorced, lonely, and have lost my marriage, home, my job. He couldn't get to the money wired to him, several hundred million, he said, because of a mix up with the deposit. FBI...https://com/amp/Technology/wire Story/us-indictment-charges-80-fraud-schemes-money-laundering-65125441#aoh=15665171890973&referrer=https:// %1$s? amp_js_v=a2&_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQEKAFw AQ==&cid=referral_taboola_feed Stories are all very similar.

I woke up in the middle of the night, having that nagging feeling, something is not right. (That nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach still.) Which on FB. I just want to see how long it takes him as this is about the fifth time he's asked me to help him in the past week and a half and I'm going to keep telling him no. This guy is too good looking and successful to sound true. ) But I went along for a bit, but was always suspicious and did some checking. ED: you can post pictures when you start a new submission [but not when you are adding a comment to an existing submission] - use the page below and you can see photos there and you can also post your own story and photos there: https:// been scammed twice. ‘You are wrong, You’re making a mistake’ was all he could come up with. Like everyone else his wife died and he has a 14 year old son in boarding school. I searched for him and I found at least 3 profiles on him. Yesterday morning, I gave it a 80 percent chance of being blocked before the day ended. Sent believable photos, more likely of someone else. When he wanted to actually talk he asked if I minded accents, stating he had a British one. Used the recent storm on one there to say he had no way to buy drugs and medical supplies for his crew.

His wife and 25 year old son had been killed in a car wreck. Greg has no description and his profile wants to get off the "site" (it's an app idiot) and uses images of some well known people in OR. I sent him no money but he got my real name, address, phone#, picture, gmail address, but I sent him no money. Then I got a face book friend request from Roland Morris, and he had just created his page today- big red flag- and the pic he used was not the same person as the pic on WWF- so I have blocked him- has to be the same man!! BE CAREFUL LADIES as he tries to squeeze you for ,000 and then ,000 (saying that he has got a loan). Proclaims he loves you and then tries to guilt you into parting with your cash. No man waits 10 years for sex no matter how much in love he is with another woman. God Bless The guys name is John Morgan and he says he needs a steam card to get out and off the oil rig. They always want me to join different apps, want my phone #, etc. I understand being lonely, I understand wanting to have someone that loves you that you can love back but if you're gullible enough to give a complete stranger that's not even local all your money then maybe you deserve to have it taken. Who wouldnt think its crazy someone fell for you over a message board in 2 days. Make you feel sorry for them, they are widowed, have children, did you ever wonder why men in their 50’s and 60’s have small children? We all need to STOP listening to their pathetic BS. LADIES, they do not love you, you will NEVER meet them. Why would any of you give money to people you do not know? Please everyone stop letting them steal your money. Ladies don’t send money and don’t send details or don’t send anything if it’s too good to be true it usually Is. I did some digging and found out the profile pic doesn't match the city with palm trees in the background. We talked about theology - I’m an outdoor adventurous and music lover - I keep insisting he tell me things about himself. I went back on Funbridge and challenged Opps Jake again, thinking he would not respond. Within minutes he messaged me because I took him off block. I told him I would help him if he came clean and told me who he was and who Jake Emrick was. I've never heard of the guys you're asking about, but I will keep an eye out for them. But I kept calling out his BS stories and he would just pull the "baby why don't you trust me". All were rig workers and all of them asked for money within a short time frame. When I refused they called me every name in the book and said i was heartless.

by Anonymous (USA) Well he won my heart and prayed for my sick children, and cleaned out my financial life. He said he had worked as an oil rig engineer contractor for Shell corporation for 15 years. He would ask me about my family and show such unbelievable kindness. Did a little research and in my research ultimately came across this page. I let him know right up front I was not interested In that. As he starts initiating conversation you find out that he's German and came to the States when his dad died (dad was in German military), work as an oil rig engineer in the Carpinteria Offshore Oil Field in the Santa Barbara Channel in Southern California. He is 54, white modern crop of hair, works on the rig off Carpinteria and does pretty passable German impersonation. Has been after me for 3 months for money to send to his daughter in Ghana. He is on an oil rig in Norway and wants a Steam card so he can talk to me on the phone. Structural Engineer, claims to be from Auckland New Zealand. Claims bank account was hacked and he can't pay a supplier now and "his life is miserable and he can't get home". Ladies, no use asking have you ever heard of so so or had any contact with so and so. Birthday coming up and wants to know what I am getting him. Sent a picture of a kid that was clearly taken off the Internet. Said he couldn’t use his credit because he was on a Russian rig and it looked suspicious to the bank. I blocked his number it was a 330 area code so now the unknown calls come in the middle of the night. He calls and wants to talk to her in flight until they embrace. Please send him 0, ok get ready for it, in the form of an ITUNES CARD! Please leave that to men who are seeking you, local and loving. He also sends one with his eyes closed and he's sleeping. He doesn't understand I live on one set income and cannot spend extra money like that. We met on WWF and started chatting then he asked me to download hangouts so we could continue our chat there to get to know me better. Examples: Mark David, Paul Russell, Stephen Kent, Michael Bradley, Terry John, etc. It’s believable at first, and you feel sorry for them until you realize what this POS is doing. He shows pics with grandchildren that are very nice, lots of fun and says he owns an offshore drilling company but when you email the company they dont exist. Ladies please check first especially reverse image search cause usually they photoshop them. Go with your guts not your heart and no he didn't win either I to have tried to be conned by John Seth Hlavin. He recognized that I’m very smart so he started teasing me that I’m his teacher. ED: you can post pictures when you start a new submission [but not when you are adding a comment to an existing submission] - use the page below and you can see photos there and you can also post your own story and photos there: https:// slime ball sent a friend request a few days ago. All pics and info of Marco have been deleted and replaced with Marc Crannley, South Africa, Navy Intelligence Specialist. I was immediately blocked 😂😂https:// I had one that worked in Alaska and had to use his kindle to communicate because they were not allowed to use cell phones. I was very suspicious of his feelings for me so quickly with a long testimony about the type of man he was he said his name was Gerald but no last name. I responded to him that he was the heartless person because for 2 months everything he said was a lie. True or not, I doubt, but more importantly Jake Emrick does not exist. He was a very sincere hardworking guy who makes a lot of money in Dallas, TX. I have a friend that has been contacted by someone named Ryan Alexander Thomas or Thompson. Said he is overseas on a rig and supposed to be finishing up a contract for drilling. One asked me to send him ,000 cause he was stuck in Turkey trying to buy equipment for the rig. The names given were Sorensen Robert Jay, Michael Allen, Michael Walker, Scott Phillips & Mark Ben.

I Have always been very logical minded and hard working but he caught me where I was low and hurting and alone and he won. If they need money then they don't love you and they sure aren't going to be here for you even though they swear they will to help you through your difficult life and pay it all back. The following pictures are two of the five photographs from Tinder and they produced: Mark Williams on Linked In has one of his pictures, but zero connections and lists Ghana as place of work: https:// I was a fool and lost over 0,000 to Nicolas Aleksandra. He is a 64 year old widower with 2 kids, swore he loved me and he sent me videos of love songs and then the the other shoe dropped as he needed 0 for an i Tunes card, and then I knew it was too good to be true. Asked me to go to hangout (never used this before) but I was not taken in. He said he didn’t have access to his account and needed help which I helped him again!!!! His name is Paul Alfons and he claims his contract is up in October of this year and he wants to marry me. Prepostseois a good site to find info from and both Google and yandex is Russia. If I need help I leave Gmail here ill do what i can. For those of you who have not blocked, screamed at and rejected the scammers, I will tell you what I did to find the man who was in the pictures I was sent. Admin got fooled by his fake online information that was very well set up like me. He accuses me of not trusting him & shedding tears because he loves me, etc but so far, he’s keeping this game up. But, non the less at least I can clear my mind as I know who he is. When you get a friend request check out and read any and all information. He asked me a couple of questions such as"How much money I make""How many rooms I have""Have I got married before"The reason why I found him was that it was something fishy about him. Looks like he used to have a daughter because parts says 'she'.

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