Advantages of older men dating younger women

20-Jun-2020 04:05

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You will never see her naked if you do this and she will discount you as a qualified dating partner for making her pay.

And being that she’s older and more adept at speaking her mind, she may call you out for not treating her to a coffee or a martini on the first date.

An older woman, perhaps in her 40’s, is not going to beat around the bush when it comes to letting you know what she wants.

She’s less likely to pussyfoot around an issue than a younger woman because she’s been there and done that.

That’s not so bad if you think about how much the alternatives might cost you.

🙂 Older women have had more life experience and developed wisdom that you won’t find in a younger woman.

This means that you can have deep and meaningful conversations, which can help you build a connection and enjoy the time you spend with them.

You won’t have to worry about sitting across from someone who gives monosyllabic answers or doesn’t really “get it” when you try to talk philosophically or tap into her inner sapiosexual.

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The older you get the less energy you have when it comes to or dramatics.

While our culture can be beauty and youth-obsessed, a woman who has more years under her belt may prove to be the perfect partner thanks to experience, confidence and even a heightened sex drive.

Without further ado, check out the 10 benefits of dating an older woman below.

Older women especially have established themselves and have their own lives. This is great because you won’t need to worry about a woman trying to cut in on your boys’ nights out and she won’t try to smother you when you need some alone time.

If you date a younger woman who doesn’t have much dating experience, she may feel uncertain of herself and get clingy.This part of the brain is what helps you practice impulse control and can also help you organize things in a way that helps you reach a goal (like settling down and getting married, meeting a goal to do with your career path etc.).

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