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29-Jan-2020 07:36

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The only things I don't like about it is that the keypad is kind of small, but it's manageable. There are much smaller/harder to use keypads out there.

The other thing is that the web browser is minimal - not full html like a smartphone, but I knew that before I bought it.

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You can also connect with others in The Informr Community Forum to find and share answers to questions. The volume for the MP3 player is very loud, but if you don't use headphones it drains your battery fast. Can put your own ringtones on with free software(bitpim) and a cheap data cable. Can put your own ringtones on with free software(bitpim) and a cheap data cable. Con: Takes for ever to actually get to where you want to go in the phone. With the touch pad on low sensitivity anytime I bring the phone to my face to talk on it. Sometimes I end up listening to music, or sending a text message or just some other screen.

Pro: FM transmitter Con: Using experience: 2 years Amazing phone...dropped it so many times nothing happens to it.... The keypad takes some getting used to because the keys are small. If I were you I would consider buying this phone because for me it was great! Can hold a 16mb card Con: Touch wheel takes getting use to, but works great. Can hold a 16mb card Con: Touch wheel takes getting use to, but works great. gives lg a bad name Less Pro: I like the battery life so far. Worst of I open my slide to answer the phone it still rings. Using experience: 3 weeks I had to take this as a replacement to a damaged one. I suggest you find another phone Less Pro: Great MP3, very flashy, great sound, easy to use for the electronic savvy Con: too touchy buttons/wheel, poor instruction manual, some features embedded too far Using experience: 7 days I love the phone, but some things are just buried so deep in the program it takes a few clicks to get there,...

love the touch screen, and the middle sub screen and the wheel! and i ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEEEEE the fm transmitter..of the reasons i wont switch this phone...i have had it for a year and a half now. Con: If you drop the phone, the silver piece that outlines it chips away very easily. The touch wheel took some getting use to, but now I really like it. The wheel and corner buttons are way too touchy and you can easily end up in a screen you don't want.. Texting is fine, great buttons easy to hit even with "fat fingers". After a week of owning it, I am now able to find things quicker and simply LOVE the ipod equivalent sound. More Pro: User-friendly, sleek-looking, great MP3 sound, nice touch sensitivity, calls are crisp and clear, loud speaker for both calls and MP3, easy micro SD access Con: Limited options for personalization, keypad is awkward to use because the slider is top heavy, too many Alltel add-ons (they get in the way) Using experience: 2 days I've had the phone for two days and I already love it!

Using bitpim and a cable I've been able to put my own ringtones on without any problem. gives lg a bad name Pro: look Con: this phone is horrible. Just have to watch where you put your fingers while holding it during texting.. It is very user-friendly (you can figure it out in five minutes or less) and the MP3 is easy to access and use.

Again, I would definitely recommend it to music-enthusiasts and ppl who like sexy white phones with UI buttons and cool lights!

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