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His analysis of Arabic weaves together many neglected phenomena into an innovative approach to countability, individuation, and quantification, where morphosyntactic categories have a much broader range of functions.A robust theoretical framework places the analysis of Arabic in a cross-linguistic perspective, making the study relevant for a wide audience.Linguistic gender is a complex and amazing category that has puzzled and still puzzles theoretical linguists, typologists, philosophers, cognitive scientists, didacticians, as well as scholars of anthropology, culture, and even mystical (divine) sufism.In Standard and colloquial Arabic varieties, feminine morphology (unlike “common sense”) is not dedicated to mark beings of the female sex (or “natural gender”). The outcome (in the appropriate performative context) is that you are endearing your father or uncle, rather than “womanizing” him.

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Taking grammatical features as the driving force behind many syntactic processes, the author tackles the most difficult task of investigating the role of Gender, the feature previously regarded as the least connected to deep syntactic effects.In North Africa (excluding Egypt and Sudan), only Western Arabic numerals are now commonly used.