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29-Jun-2020 18:18

The Knox E-FOTA solution allows businesses to remotely control OS updates by enforcing version updates only confirmed by the IT admin.

A trial for Knox E-FOTA Advanced or Knox E-FOTA on MDM includes all features of both solutions, with no restrictions.

Actually the numbering system in the firmware is the method we also came up with and you will see a Blynk display widget in the DATA tab of the ESPpro Mon© app called NEXT VERSION with a current entry of V00211. But last 48 houres i try to figured out how to make update with out reset manualy bord,.

We don’t use the MAC system as we have 825,632 devices to update, I wish I tweaked your code for the ESP32 and we get down as far as Preparing to update and then it fails to do an update. I geting this “Invalid bootstrapping state, reset ESP8266 before updating”, are you have the same?

Where will i get the Official version of latest gingerbread full version.

Can u please give me the link and procedure for upgradation for the same.

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Note: If you have installed more than one update, we recommend that you repeat it. ","create one":"Create One","caps search":"Search","caps enter your imei or sn":"Enter your IMEI (for cell phones) or Serial Number (for all other products) below.","tablet":"Tablets","capssn search":"Enter Serial Number","no products found":"Sorry, no products were found that match that query.

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