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17-Nov-2019 09:38

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I’m currently dating an Assyrian woman who I met in college. She just told her parents we’re dating and they reacted pretty poorly - freaking out, telling her she needs to break up and asking her to promise that she will end the relationship.

Her dad wants to come up and force her to end it (they live in a different city).

Your survey answers are then processed and the Assyrian Match Maker logarithm will search out the best 1-3 potential matches for you. In the "Curious" stage of our Computer Courtship Process, some more personal basic information about the potential male match(es) is offered to the female members.

Basic information about profession, nationality, education, etc. Should the female approve, then her "curiosity" level of information is returned to the potential male match(es).

Mixed couples are badly considered by Assyrians since they are very nationalistic and there is pretty much nothing you can do about it.

I don’t know what is your religion and hers, but if you do not have that in common, she will probably have to choose between her family and you.

We wanted to provide a source where singles of ANY Assyrian descent would be able to easily and safely search for other Assyrians from around the world.There are no online profile pages or pictures available to the public.Assyrian Match Makers and any potential matches you choose are the only ones that will ever see your profiles or pictures. We let female clients have the first pick of potential male matches.If Middle-Eastern Muslims are taboo I can guarantee Indian-Muslims would be 10X worse.

The older generation do not view Indian/South-Asians favorably in my experience.

(The australoid looking ones are at the bottom) So even Indians would not want to go out with this guy depending of what his specific ethnicity is. My situation is quite similar since I am French and we’re both in our 20s.