Attractive people are intimidating

13-Sep-2019 18:36

Introverted people get lost in their minds often and come out of them with refreshing and wonderful ideas.When you are with them you are fascinated and feel like a part of the magic because of the way they treat you and let you in on intriguing, new possibilities.According to studies by the psychologists Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Gregory Feist, the most spectacularly creative people in many fields are often introverted.That’s largely because solitude is a key ingredient for creative success. They actually cherish privacy and freedom from interruption.Despite what you may have heard, dreaming is anything but a waste of time.Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman and colleagues explain that a mind that wonders aids in the process of “creative incubation.” You may already know from experience that our best ideas come seemingly out of the blue when our minds are elsewhere.That natural tendency to embrace solitude, focus deeply on a subject, think and act creatively makes introverts, past and present, gloriously remarkable and attractive people.Introverts are naturally drawn to reading and study.

People want to know what they are thinking, but will never know all of it.

That means they are motivated to act by deeper, internal convictions rather than shallow, external motivations like reward and recognition.