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05-May-2020 11:38

If the tax due in the UK is less than that paid in France, you will have nothing more to pay, but you will not get a refund of the tax you have already paid in France.The various basic rates of capital gains, depending on your residency, are shown below.As a result, those to whom this rule applies pay a combined rate of 26.5%. Non-Residents Since 2015 there is no longer a higher rate of capital gains tax for non-residents who live outside of the EEA.Accordingly, if you are not resident in France the applicable basic tax rate is the same - 19% CGT plus 17.2% social charges, giving a total charge of 36.2%.Individuals with pay at the rate of 18% or 28% on net gain, depending on their UK income tax bracket, if you have UK income.The applicable tax rate for gains on real estate will depend upon: In general, most countries have a taxation treaty with France under which capital gains on the sale of property in France is taxed in France, with full or partial relief against liability in your home country.In relation to those resident in the UK a liability does arise in the UK, but with any French tax paid set off against tax that may be due in the UK.Capital gains are declared using HMRC Form SA108 and you claim any French capital gains tax paid as a credit against any UK capital gains tax due using Form SA106 "Foreign", with the assistance of Helpsheet 261.

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This clearly applies to residents who are in receipt of an S1 certificate of health entitlement.

Provided that there was an entitlement to be registered a business can ask for a retrospective voluntary registration at the time of its application for registration.

This can be backdated up to a maximum of four years prior to the date the application is received.

In this review we focus on capital gains tax as it applies to individuals not as it applies to property held within a company, such as a or to those who buy and sell property as a business.

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However, you can read more about the taxation and other implications of buying and selling property held in an SCI in our Guide to Société Civile Immobilière (SCI).This supplementary tax does not apply in relation to building land, although other taxes are potentially liable, as we state in Section 11.5.

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