Beijing sex date

18-Mar-2020 09:02

The ribbon in the emblem implies that the race is also a world-wide festival.Generally, Beijing Marathon is held in the middle of October.Date: the third Sunday in October Length: 26.2 miles (42.2 kilometers) Duration: 6 hours Starting Point: Tiananmen Square Terminal Point: Convention Center of Olympic Park Race Event: men's race, women's race, team race Participants: professional athletes and amateurs from all over the world Men's Race Record: by Tadese Tola Woldegeberel from Ethiopia in 2013 Women's Race Record: by Sun Yingjie from China in 2003The emblem of the Beijing Marathon represents five athletes rushing to the finish line.The five figures with different colors stand for runners of different complexions from five continents.

The whole route passes by the financial, cultural, and technological centers of the capital, and renowned spots like the National Stadium (the Bird's Nest) and Aquatics Center (Water Cube). If the number of applicants is over 30,000, the committee would draw lots to select participants.

The finish line was designed to look like a waving ribbon.

In China, once there is a celebration, people would merrily gather together and brandish colorful silk strips while dancing.

I found quite a few of them unexpectedly while walking in Beijing at 4am in the morning.

You might ask what I was doing at 4am in Beijing, but I was walking to the metro station from my hotel since I needed to get to a specific line and the Beijing subway station doesn’t open until 5am.I just got back yesterday from a 38 hour Mileage Run Vacation to Beijing.