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If not, I think that the link to WP: Tulsa should be deleted.98.2 (talk) , 30 January 2011 (UTC) As stated on her Twitter, she is not married.

If this is the case it is fair to assume that either her last name is not Carolan, or that the last name of the two individuals in the All-Knighters is not Carolan.

Assuming that Joey Knight's real name is not Joey Carolan (as we have no proof to back up this claim), it would be better to assume that her last name is Carolan, and that the assumption that her name is related at all to being married is false.

Edit: There is a Myspace page ( which was apparently created by Joey.

her last name is kocianski with an i "kuh CHAN ski." other sources spell it correctly. (i know i can't be a source but what does wikipedia do when a source is wrong?

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It wasn't like a weekly recap, i didn't see anything wrong with it to be honest, i don't understand why someone removed it... There's Beth husband Joey Carolan (who is still alive) and another "Joey Knight" who died in 1997.

It is likely that she will make her return tonight on RAW --Fr3n Zi3 , 4 September 2006 (UTC) Wouldn't she have to be the 8th lady in this tournament?

Unless they pull someone knew out of somewhere (or resign Chyna which ain't happening) Erainor , 11 October 2006 (UTC) I have removed the last paragraph on Beth Phoenix's main profile about her return to RAW.

Gail Kim did the same entrance on her WWE debut (the night she won her first title). (talk) , 27 April 2008 (UTC) Wrestling moves are not gendered.

It is a fisherman suplex unless a reliable source says otherwise.

Chris Mordetsky: He had a ongoing relationship with Beth Phoenix, however they broke up and Phoenix married Joey Carolan.