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I believe in Nathan Scott, but I also believe in my viewers. You know, when this show is over it’s still gonna be a wonderful life because I love you and your son loves you and nothing that happens in the next hour is gonna change that. He’s rolling out some rigged up lie detector machine and I have to sit 3000 miles away and just take it. It’s the most exciting thing, the most powerful thing. I believe you don’t want any part in dragging him through the mud. We will have, which will just make me look even more guilty. Dan: :[on tv show] They say that truth is the best indication against slander. That’s why falling out of love hurts like hell, but falling in love…there’s nothing better. Brooke: You know, my whole life, I wanted to get my mother to be proud of me. And when they contact me I call them back to tell them stop, because I’m happily married to a woman who loves and trusts me. So we do it, we say it, we try it and we victimize ourselves.[...] It’s a question of character. My son Nathan Scott is a good man, but sometimes people do funny things in the face of pressure and desperation, and the truth, well, the truth is an absolute. I'm not saying you don't love him 'cause I know you do but you love having him at your side more than anything else. Clay: And if that's what you decide then of course we are not. Nathan: I’m a professional basketball player; girls get a hold of my email and my cell phone number all the time. Dan: Sometimes we fall short of the people we were meant to be. And usually after the guilt sets in, we make things worse.

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On the eve of my son's first game in the NBA, I sat alone on a playground basketball court and waited for death. But it's only because I'm trying to step things up with Millie. And yet he looks guiltier the more that we report on him. You’ll find players that you can believe in and clients that become friends. We take our happiness for granted until we hurt ourselves or someone else. And when faced with our mistakes, we reinvent the past.