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13-May-2020 12:30

This debate has been intensified since the Internet has become an everyday arena for adolescents’ sexual self-exploration, with sexual activities online typically viewed as problematic.However, the Internet can be regarded as an arena where, if used wisely, adolescents can be provided with support and have safe experiences, which can influence the development of their sexual health positively (De Haan, Kuper, Magee, Bigelow, & Mustanski, 2012).A second explanation for the unclear pattern of findings regarding adolescent well-being and sexual activity could be the types of sexual and romantic experiences that are sought.For example, an Italian study (Ciairano, Bonino, Kliewer, Miceli, & Jackson, 2006) while revealing a negative link between sexually active teenagers and well-being, also found a positive link between dating and well-being.There are at least three possible reasons why such differences in findings might occur.One is that several scholars show that the nature of the link between well-being and sexual activity has to do with pubertal timing.The aims of this study were to determine links between adolescent’s well-being and their sexual and romantic activities off- and online.

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seen or received sexual images, meeting with someone from the Internet face-to -face).

To be able to understand and to guide adolescents in sexual identity formation requires an understanding of the links between well-being and sexual activities, not only in traditional (offline) settings, but also in online settings.