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She will occasionally let a button "accidentally" come open when he is around if she's had a couple of beers, but voluntarily showing a breast or her pussy is too much for her.

She knows it is a turn-on for me, but it is very difficult to get past her modesty.

When I won this bet she was VERY nervous, because she knew what I would want her to do.

But give her credit: she didn't try to back out of the bet.

I could see some of both breasts, nearly to the aureole. Before desert arrived I told her to unbutton one more button. The drinks and wine had had an effect, and she soon grew careless, leaning forward and allowing me to enjoy the view.

I told her I loved the way she looked, and to keep sitting that way. Our waiter arrived to clear the desert and offer us an after dinner drink.

I motioned him to be quiet and led him back to the bedroom. She tried to pull her hands free to cover up, but all she accomplished was to make her tits bounce around enticingly. We moved up to sit on the bed, one of each side of her.

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" Still looking down at the table she shook her head. Sarah took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and slowly did as she was told. "Now, Sarah, you did what I told you to do, but it wasn't without hesitation, the way you agreed. He had already seen her breasts, but actively showing them to him was a very big step. Glancing around the room to make sure there was no one else who could see, she opened it briefly, the immediately closed it again. Do it again, but this time hold the dress open until I tell you to close it." She closed her eyes again and parted the material, letting her gorgeous tits spill out. If you are good, maybe I won't have you show him your pussy."She did as she was told, and when Aaron returned with out check he stayed and talked a few minutes and thanked us both for a very enjoyable experience.

I had three fingers inside her and Jim was rubbing her clit when I said, "Go ahead and taste her."I guess that was all it took. " and before his mouth even touched her I felt the rhythmic contractions that signaled her first orgasm. After all, who can say no when they are about to come?

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