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As you say, I hope that the project will give us an opportunity to meet again.

Although I've seen this letter passed around many though websites such this, for example, I'm not entirely sure if this letter is legitimate or not.

The results provide conclusive evidence that the linen of the Shroud of Turin is mediaeval.

As someone, who used to believe in Catholicism, I've recently have grown fairly skeptical of it within the past few months.

It is assumed this was made from a coin from the Pilate era? If you have a few clustered dates which are close to each other, then an average will in general be more accurate.

This doesn't work in this case because one is having people average dates which are wildly off from each other, but the basic idea is sound.

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They elevate this to the point of wizardry, as if only the shroud could have such a trait.

Hundreds of thousands of devoted Catholics over the years making pilgrimmage to the church to drop money in the collection plate.

Money is the simplest motivator, and a pretty common one when it comes to "religious icons". There is no proof whatsoever that it was anywhere near Jesus (which, for the record, has never been proven to even have existed in the first place).

While one within the bubble of religion may be persuaded by the idea that the scientists are merely out to disprove their religion (the us vs.

them ideology), anyone giving an objective view from the outside would see that such an explanation is ridiculous.

Did the rays of light travel only straight up impossibly?