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Evidently, it also helps block out the obvious: that some of the powerful people appearing for prayers in the dead of night, or conveniently arranging to meet with the pastor in faraway lands, are thieves who have robbed the people blind. It is the foundation of the Christian Church, as the entire mission of Jesus Christ, in the Christian faith, was to take away sin and effect reconciliation with the Father.It is the place of a Christian leader to help with that process, so when he engages a sinner, it is to be expected.In 2007, Archbishop Peter Akinola, the leader of the Anglican Church, showed up at a “glorious homecoming” celebration for one Olusegun Obasanjo, who had recently, reluctantly, and vindictively, given up the job of President of the Federal Republic.“You have got the best in the world and your eyes have seen the worst in the world.Christianity has moved from the pews into the realm of business, and from the pulpits to American-style television.In the process, some of the emerging Christian leadership, adopting the culture of American television and stage, became celebrities and rock stars.As you know by now, many pastors pray with their eyes closed.

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These are all volunteer organizations without paid employees who save hundreds of rabbits each year through your donations.And since there is no business without politics, business took politics in its arms and kissed her.