Christian dating questions for men

25-Oct-2019 15:47

What you are looking for is the emotional and intellectual depth that aligns with yours.

Also, that they have people involved in their life.

This will tell you a lot about what turns them off and about their attitude toward the opposite sex in general.

You can also determine their position in leadership.

Some of my female friends often ask the same cookie cutter questions when they have men in front of them that are dating neutral: “Why do guys….?

It is uncommon for men to have deep emotional friendships with other men.It was a good way to settle inside myself what and if I wanted something more substantial with respect to relationships and marriage.I had the opportunity to meet and talk to many different types of women both in personality and beliefs.Subsequently bad behavior may be overlooked leaving the heart exposed, crippling the ability to easily walk away.

You need to ask good questions in order to discover the person in front of you before your hearts starts to lean toward or fall for them.It had been a while since I had commingled on a deeper level with other single Christians outside of work and general church service.

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