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12-Oct-2019 13:12

This launched a data-gathering spree and I grabbed every in-business location tagged ‘gay bar’ in the boroughs of Wyoming from Yelp’s API, then went to the internet to find as many discussions of past gay nightlife as I could.

I found plenty of threads detailing clubs of the past, and following clues built up some great resources and a solid list of 100 or so spots.

I had been asked to give a talk on an LGBT issue and mapping, and decided to start this new queer history mapping project, OUTgoing, right then and there.

I opened up a Carto DB map and started filling in the nightlife spots I knew had existed from memory and a scattering of others as inspirational starting points.

In Wyoming if our dating is going online, then the queer intake ritual should, too.

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God used your site to bring me together with Steve, the love of my life.We are followers of Christ, and our number one priority is to glorify God in everything we do.