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19-Apr-2020 20:22

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Some children may need a longer time to transition from two naps to one.

Some days were ok, as she would take a prolonged first nap for 2-3.5 hours in the early afternoon, and then she would be able to go to sleep at her normal bedtime of 7pm.

Up until 15 months old, Madi was having two naps per day. I took this as a signal that she might just need one nap per day.

From what I have heard, other children may start napping longer during their first nap, refusing their first or second nap, or falling asleep later for their afternoon nap.

Today I put him in his crib at and I am pretty sure he didn't fall asleep until . Needless to say, I had to wake him up from his second nap at and then pushed bedtime back to closer to 8pm.

I am starting to wonder if we should just cut that nap because it is occurring so late.

I began by slowly extending Madi’s morning nap, which started at 10 am.

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Other children transitioned to one nap as late as 19 months old. At 15 months old, I noticed Madi began playing in her crib during her 3 pm nap.The sleep training process also helped for Graeme and I!