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07-Dec-2019 11:26

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Indeed, it is primarily around this idea that defines cuckolding.

The male is not able to participate into the sexual events happening in front of him which forms a sexual denial of sorts.

I’ve mentioned in a previous article about how masculinity is synonymous with having a larger dick – which actually, in a round a bout way, brings us to a new kinky fetish called Cuckolding.

If you’ve never heard of it, I’ll be surprised as cuckolding is actually in the top three searches of porn and sexual fetishes.

This is such a myth, to the point that it must be debunked instantly. Your spouse may even be as masculine as men come, yet don’t stress, cuckolding is regularly simply a question of helping your partner find his accommodating side.

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Cuckolding is specifically described as a male partner becoming aroused and stimulated by the idea or act of his wife enjoying sex with another man.

In some cases, cuckolded men will wear chastity devices, and in others she will simply control his ability to be able to sexually relieve himself.

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