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The LBJ Express is fitted with a managed lanes toll system (or express toll lanes).

Drivers can view rate adjustments depending on the average speed or number of vehicles using the express lanes.

This project is the largest PPP (Private Public Partnership) to be developed in the US to date, in terms of complexity and total contract cost.

This new infrastructure allows drivers to opt for using the free lanes for shorter trips, while ensuring shorter driving times on the toll sections.

Since it was built 40 years ago, the LBJ highway has become one of the most congested roads in the United States.

The extension project began towards the end of 2010 and was opened in April 2015, on budget and 3 months ahead of schedule, after five years of construction works with zero contingencies, fines or environmental penalties, while remaining open for some 250,000 drivers every day.

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Its growth projections are for up to 400,000 vehicles driving on the roads every day by the year 2020.