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26-Mar-2020 18:23

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In conclusion, in Zambia we would suggest that you tip the guide separately to the back of house team, as you spend the majority of your time with them. Occasionally we get asked when is the right time to give the tips.

There are a few options: After each activity At the end of each day At the end of your stay General rule of thumb: just tip once, always at the end of your stay at each safari camp or lodge. Guides wouldn't expect you to tip after each of the daily activities, as it could create the impression that the guides need to 'perform' for the person giving the tips, which can distort the relationship between them and the other guests.

Tips obviously make a significant difference to the salary of those working in the service industry, including waiting staff, guides and scouts.

There's a fine line, however, between the right amount to tip and tipping too much - it might not seem like it has an impact, but it can really tilt the balance of the local economy.

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Consider then the result if such an employee receives much higher tips, perhaps up to US0 a month.Gratuities are of course always voluntary and tend to be dependent upon the quality of the services provided.We do believe that great service should be appreciated but whilst we encourage travellers to feel the same, you should be aware of the potential impacts that tipping may have on the local community.To better appreciate this, consider the jobs of the rangers within the parks.

These obviously are vital roles, requiring sufficient knowledge of the area.Most lodges have a general tip box that is then split equally between this team.

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