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26-Dec-2019 13:42

Once the marriage vows are legitimately exchanged, the marriage remains, even if the vows are broken or the spouses believe the marriage is dead.To prove consent was never legitimately exchanged, one of three things must be established: 1) the proper form of marriage was not used, 2) one or both of the parties were incapable of exchanging consent, or 3) consent itself was not exchanged." This is what determines if an annulment is needed, not sacramentalitly. Whether or not a marriage is sacramental has no bearing on whether or not the marriage is valid.

A declaration of nullity states that NO MARRIAGE ever took place; that is the reason the parties are free to marry. I think that it is OK, if the purpose of the dating if for companionship, meaning having someone to attend concerts, movies, etc., but can be a problem is the dating purpose is to find someone to marry.But, essentially, I was told that if a person was divorced by the civil authorites, you can date them WITHOUT them getting an annulment. These 2 priests told me, AND [the Arch Bishop] they were NEVER SACREMENTALLY married. But this link is from Catholics United for the Faith (CUF), and CUF’s unique apostolate is to deliver true Catholic doctrine to the laity, so I think their article should be accurate.What if they were married by a Captain of a ship and they were Presbyterians, BUT the marriage was NEVER convalidated by a minster? Consent about being in a Christian marriage DOES NOT count. (Scott Hahn belongs to CUF and publishes his books through their publishing house, Emmaus Road.) There are a few things about the sacrament of marriage, and it can get complicated.BUT, of course honey, we don't know your circumstances, so don't rely on us to even advise you, OK? 3) Why, pretty much is my question, as to why any marriage broke up?

And I hesitate to offer advice really, but can only offer a mere mention. And I do wonder your exact circumstances here dear friend.

Probably the best thing to do, is NOT DATE ANY DIVORCED PERSON.. Tony I think it is wrong to even date a divorced person, as the Bible says, "if a person divorces his wife/husband to marry another, that they commit adultery".