Dating and pricing knives

25-Jan-2020 10:54

All brass guards are braze-welded for maximum strength and durability.

Wood, Micarta and Montana Elkhorn are used for most handles.

The last knife show the emblem used from 1994-2007 and this is a more secure emblem and one may use the evolution on the tools.

After 2007 the emblem is almost the same but: Here is an interesting emblem on a knife with advertising. It may sound complicating for dating; it is my belief that the hot stamp emblem was introduced more early than 1979. If you use my information on this page above this information you will be able to navigate to an answer.

When this early one got introduced I do not know yet.

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Then to the picture: Form my research it seems the economy made Elinox pre 1973 had a better quality than the early to mid 70s knives. There are few details that you will see with the scales and some on the finish and fine details.

Another detail is that many knives found by collectors show the hot stamp economy emblem before 1979, in the 70s but with some small differences.

Out of regard for the specialised trade, in particular the Swiss Master Cutlers Association, the Ecoline pocket knives were produced from 1979 to 1994 with a different form of the logo and with light-red handles for a large-scale Swiss distributor.

On the top of the Victorinox stampings you can see the stampings used on the economy line.

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The stamp 1980-2005 got one detail that can be helpful.

I welcome personal designs for bowie and custom knives. The design and materials used to make each one will be different making each one unique.