Dating aquarius libra types of dating methods in archaeology

06-Feb-2020 19:40

Libra men are always happy to help but hate being forced to live under the rules and guidelines of others.

His avoidance of confrontation is often the only thing that keeps him from being a rebel solely for the sake of rebelling.

This pairs well, for better or for worse, with Aquarius’ drive to fight for causes and can make them both a force to be reckoned with.

The Aquarius woman is an extremely social humanitarian.

Luckily, the pair are excellent communicators, and it can be worked out if they are willing and determined.

The Aquarius woman has a lot to offer the graceful Libra man when it comes to sexual intimacy, as she will hold nothing back and have no shame about being more explorative and adventurous in bed.

He has a very high degree of patience and attempts to thoroughly examine every important decision before he makes a choice.

The idea of fairness and justice drive him and, despite his somewhat submissive nature, incidences of injustice or cruelty can bring out the hidden warrior inside him.

As with all air signs, mental stimulation is a must both for recreational activities and any relationships.

As such, that spot is highly treasured and reserved for only the most exciting companions.

Libra men are also quite social, although their sociability may lessen slightly once they have found their soulmate.

Minus the occasional hiccup, the high level of similarities between these two air signs make any relationship between them promising.

Libra men are lovers of peace and harmony, avoiding confrontations whenever possible.

Aquarius women can occasionally be pretty domineering and opinionated at work if they are in a leadership position or under the threat of heavy criticism.

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