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The study was approved by the Ethics Committee of Qilu Hospital at Shandong University, and there is no conflict of interest.Donors were informed about the purpose of the study and asked for their consent.As a result of their lipophilicity and chemical stability, PCBs have been detected all over the world in remote regions, PCBs have attracted considerable attention due to their ability to concentrate in food chains and their persistence in organisms.During the past few decades, there has been a decline of organism PCBs levels associated with the production ban on PCBs.Sperm preparation and Aroclor 1254 treatment Stock solutions of Aroclor 1254 at 50 mg l at the time of treatment.

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This mixture of more than 60 PCB congeners was chosen in this study because homologous compounds have been used in industry and organisms are never exposed to a single congener in the natural environment.One class of persistent organic pollutant, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), was originally manufactured for industrial applications due to its insulating and flame-retardant properties.Several recent studies on PCBs have found that they possess endocrine disrupting activity.To this aim, a short-term in vitro incubation experiment that better imitated the putative exposure of sperm to Aroclor 1254 (a commercial PCB mixture) in male reproduction tissue was conducted.

Human sperm were incubated with various concentrations (0, 1, 5, or 25 mg l) of Aroclor 1254 for different amounts of time (3 and 6 h) in vitro.

However, PCBs exist in the environment as a mixture of congeners and isomers with different positions of the biphenyl moiety substituted by different numbers of chlorine atoms, and organisms are rarely exposed to single PCB congeners.