Dating dna compatibility dating and secret and revealed

26-May-2020 12:55

Unfortunately, with the exceptions of identical-twin, parent–child and full-sibling matches, that’s simply not possible. One reason is that multiple different relationships can give the same patterns of shared DNA.For example, a woman who shares 1750 c M with you could be your grandmother, granddaughter, aunt, or half sister.It also shows us which centimorgan values represent only one possible group; those are the zones along the vertical axis that only have one colored line crossing them.Between about 2400 c M and 3200 c M, the only line is the medium blue one for Group A, and between about 1550 c M and 2000 c M, the only line is the forest green one for Group B.Someone who shares 1315 c M with you can only fall into Groups B or C, but someone who shares 100 c M could belong to Group E, F, or G, according to the DNA Detectives chart.When you have a match in an overlap zone, the best approach is to consider the most likely group first.

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Worse, the more distantly related the group, the broader the range of shared centimorgans relative to the average and the more overlap there is with other groups.The DNA Detectives Facebook team has designed a nifty chart that categorizes relationships into groups based on the expected amounts of shared DNA.