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Charlie is granted a power to see his demised brother and friends and family.But a time comes when he has to choose between his brother and the girl he loves. The film didn’t do well at the box office and grossed just million more than its budget of .in our list of Zac Efron Movies; This American drama is directed by Josh Radnor. The movie received positive reviews but didn’t get a financial success at the box office.

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Zac won an award for Breakthrough Performance by the MTV Awards, another by the Young Hollywood Awards for the category One to Watch.The movie overall received quite many nominations and wins our list of Zac Efron Movies; The Greatest Showman is of biographical music film genre.The movie is fifth highest grossed musical film after grossing over3 million worldwide.

The critics gave mixed reviews to the movie and was nominated at Golden Globe and Academy Awards as well.A reporter returns to his hometown in order to investigate a murder.