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A good example is rubidium-87, which changes to strontium-87 at a rate of one-half every 50 billion years.

Therefore, a rock can be dated by measuring how much of its original rubidium content has changed into strontium.

The well-known carbon-14 method involves the conversion of radioactive carbon-14 to stable nitrogen at a rate of one-half about every 5700 years.

It can only be used to date organic matter, and is accurate only for materials younger than about 50 000 years (see ARCHAEOLOGY; GLACIATION).

They were found, however, in much younger sediment and it is not known where these zircons originated.

The second approach, which is more indirect but gives an answer currently believed correct, involves a comparison of the Earth with meteorites.

Only the tiniest fraction of the Earth, the crust, is accessible.

Those rocks available for analysis (ie, the oldest ones) have been heated and squeezed many times in their GEOLOGICAL HISTORY, because for billions of years continents have been drifting over the Earth's surface, colliding and producing mountains and new ocean floors.

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The first involves sampling as much of the Earth's crust as possible and dating these rocks.

The remaining number of radioactive atoms is halved every half-life.

Radioactive elements of use in geological dating have relatively long half-lives.

The Earth certainly must be older than the oldest terrestrial rocks found.

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Samuel Bowring, now of the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, and his coworkers Ian Williams and William Compston of the Australian National University at Canberra have shown that a small area of metamorphic rock in northern Canada, known as the Acasta gneiss, is the oldest known intact solid piece of the Earth's crust.The vast majority of atoms (each composed of a nucleus surrounded by electrons) are stable. Because of this particle emission, the original radioactive parent atom changes its identity, becoming a different, stable daughter atom.

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