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According to military pension records Kinloch survived the war and died in 1896.His patent states the goal of his invention: With the guard in place , “…I was so pleased with it that I exhibited it to the distinguished tonsors of Burlington Arcade, half afraid that they would assassinate me for bringing in an innovation which bid fair to destroy their business. I determined to let other persons know what a convenience I had found the "Star Razor" of Messrs.Kampf [], of Brooklyn, New York, without fear of reproach for so doing. It is pure good-will to my race which leads me to commend the Star Razor to all who travel by land or by sea, as well as to all who stay at home.” The Star blade still required stropping prior to each use and occasional skillful honing.This spawned many patents on stropping and honing devices.The Kampfe brothers ultimately acquired over 50 patents on razors and stropping devices and "automatic" stroppers were included in their high-end razor sets.Chapssearching the safety razors section of for "micromatic" might be of some general help.for whatever reason i never got caught up dating micromatics like i do with gillettes, i've always assumed (based on nothing) that the tapered handle micros came after the non tapered handle ones- their production may very well have over lapped.

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Considering their business success and place in safety razor history, In May 1880 Frederick and Otto applied for a patent on “new and useful Improvements in Safety-Razors.” This is the first use of the term “safety razor” that I have discovered. We were expert cutlery manufacturers before we invented the safety razor.” This also implies the razor was first made in 1875 A distinguishing feature was the shape of the razor frame or casing, which functioned as a “lather-catcher.” The razor was less expensive to make than some of complex hoe designs subsequently patented by competitors The 1880 utility patent expired in 1897.The guard is attached with a screw into a tapped hole in the blade exactly as in the Henson's design.. Razors based on the Monks and Fontaine patents were made or sold by the American Safety Razor Co., (at right), John Watts (England), and The Kampfe brothers, Frederick (c.1851-1915), Richard (1853-1906), and Otto F.The razor was made by Michael Price, a well-known San Francisco cutler and importer. But instead of wood, it was made of “thin elastic metal … A simple design, it could be made from a single piece of sheet metal. (1855-1932) were born in Saxony in eastern Germany.Inspired by a carpenter's plane, it consisted of a wooden sleeve that enclosed the blade of an ordinary folding straight razor, allowing only a small portion of the edge to protrude, thus preventing one from accidentally slicing off a portion of one's ear while shaving.

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Perret made and sold his razor guard but apparently did not patent it.It had a long slender handle, which took apart for packing, and was put together with the greatest ease.