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17-Feb-2020 08:46

For reference, those who watched the popular American TV show Baywatch can compare it to the real-life scenario here.

Well, that might just be a gross exaggeration but mostly the women are water babies.

Picking up girls in the Split City is not a tough task.

During the summer months, the city is crowded with young and sexy women coming in from all over Europe.

These women are quite easy to pick up as they are out to have some fun.

For the other part of the year, there might not be as many women to flirt or hook up with, but the limited numbers that are there are also gorgeous in every possible way and willing to hook up.

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The biggest takeaway here is that you can spot many of these beauties waltzing around the beaches in the tiniest of bikinis.Read more on how to date Croatian women, where to find sex and how to get laid in Split, Croatia.The city of Split which is situated in the country of Croatia is a popular tourist destination in Europe.They enjoy taking a dip in the sea and then as they step out you shall get a view of their tall and magnificent bodies.

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The women have long blonde hair, while a few do have darker shades too.

What simply matters is the kind of game that you bring to the table.