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12-Nov-2019 06:36

Eventually, the father of the groom asks the father of the bride if the two kids can marry in a usually eloquent ‘your family is so honourable, our family is so honourable, let’s be honourable together’ kinda way.The girl is asked about how she feels about the proposal and she gives a shy mumble of approval (or a big HELLYES! The families will then read a small prayer together while the couple takes two deep breaths.One in relief because they’ve crossed the first hurdle; the second as they gear up for the next challenge – getting the parents to agree to the fine print. Agreement of parents This last phase of the process can be the most stressful. Basically, it’s just your parents introducing you to someone.

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When in doubt, Muslims will often seek instruction from the life of Muhammad.

In this case, the traditional maximum number of wives is set at four, largely because this is the number of wives the Prophet is said to have had.

However, men must show that they’re able to support this number of wives.

The luxury of Muslims being more independent in the Western world only goes so far because our parents still think that they have the right to decide what’s ‘best for us’ even when we’re in our 20s and 30s. For example a dowry is paid to the woman by the groom. We contemplate a future without them in it and it all gets too overwhelming. It’s amazing that any Muslims actually get married… I’ve been told over and over that all of this is normal and our families just don’t know how to deal with pressure – so maybe Muslims are genetically preconditioned to just be able to deal with this.

The payment – whether gold, cash, or some other gift – is usually determined by the bride and her family. Sadly, there are a lot of situations where people forced to choose between their partners and their families and end up losing one or the other. If the groom tries to negotiate the price ‘down’ it can be seen as a huge insult to the bride and could be enough to end the whole thing. This is where my friends ask ‘so who cares what your families think?!

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