Dating muslim guy

22-Mar-2020 17:18

While I lived away from home, I crushed hard, mainly on white guys (possibly out of rebellion), but I never got into any sort of relationship.

I found it incomprehensible that I would sleep with someone before getting married, or at least before being with them for years.

However, in the last year since I have been back home, my attitude has completely changed.

The first guy I had sex with was a friend of a friend I met in the queue to a terrible club, while I was trying to get over my latest unrequited crush, a white guy who had a “thing for South Asians.” He and I went on a few “dates” (i.e.

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(We don't.) Some people seem to have a notion Islam is stuck in the 15th century.I told my mum I was having friends over so she made samosas for us (as it turns out he was severely allergic to lentils and peas, so after one bite I had to rinse out my mouth – slightly awkward.) After the sex, my main thoughts on the whole occasion were: “This was excellent and needs to happen again as soon as possible”, followed by “Literally, why did I wait?! Ideally, I would find someone with the same “level” of Muslim as me who could relate to my struggles. He had just moved back to London from a stint in Cuba, was super cute and Muslim.