Dating peavey classic 30

31-May-2020 16:22

I would say the first, and most easily remedied, would be a faulty tube.

Many different types of noises can come from tubes, none of which could be visually determined.

Sort of like a spacey, swishing hum from a bad ground.

I have taken a mirror and tried to watch the tubes to see if one is having a fit and have seen nothing.

I love the tone that I get, but there seems to be an intermittent swirl sound that happens while I am playing.

It doesn’t affect the amped signal, but is in the background.

If not, I would next replace the 12AX7 preamp tubes.

One thing to remember, however, is that a new preamp tube can also produce different types of mechanical or microphonic noises.

It is most widely known for its guitar amplifiers and PA speakers. Send an email inquiring about the age of your amplifier. A representative will reply to your email within several days.To date a Peavey amplifier, you can consult a number of books or online resources or you can contact the Peavey company directly. Write down the serial number, which consists of some letters followed by a set of numbers. Use a book such as "The Peavey Revolution: Hartley Peavey: The Gear, The Company and the All-American Success Story" by Ken Achard.Search through the photographs of Peavey amplifiers from the 1950's to present.Read articles, reviews, and view specifications about the amp's performance and history. Match your amp model and serial number to find the year.

Use a book such as "The 3rd Edition Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers" by Zachary R. The approximate value is also supplied, depending on the amplifier's condition.

When all the sockets have been cleaned, leave the tubes out and give the sockets ample time for the cleaner to evaporate—maybe fifteen to twenty minutes.

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