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31-Oct-2019 12:35

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A lot of terms have to do with bourbon and its many idiosyncrasies, and that’s OK because, well, people are super into bourbon right now.

That said, a few of the basic categories, terms, and general spirituous vocabulary on your whiskey label: Whiskey vs.

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the different Scotch-producing regions can produce whiskies of drastically varying character). Age: Especially important if you’re paying a pretty penny.

Like using a kombucha mother or sourdough starter to help kick-start fermentation of the new batch.

Small Batch: A fuzzy term, without any strict legal definition.

Bottled in Bond or Bonded: Kind of like “Single Malt,” but a bit more to it.

A bourbon made at one distillery in one season, aged a minimum 4 years in a federally bonded, supervised warehouse. Basically an old school guarantor of quality that may not really be relevant in this day and age, but you see it.Contrary to popular belief, bourbon does not have to be made in Kentucky, though plenty of it is. You’ll either see “ABV,” or alcohol by volume, or proof (which is twice the ABV). A couple of important things to know: Since not every climate is created equal, there are ideal ages for different regions.