Dating techniques for ceramics

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Following the arrival of the railways in 1873, production and distribution opened up and the region soon had around 50 producers.The Massier family, a dynasty of potters dating back to before the French Revolution played a key role in the expansion of pottery innovation in Vallauris.Large Vallauris mosaic pattern vase – Jean Gerbrino ( xupes art and antiques ) Marius Bessone lava glaze lamp base Jean Cocteau ( 1889-1963 ) Impressionist Modern Art Auction ( Christie’ s ) Jean De Lespinasse – mid century cat motif rectangular dish Grandjean Jourdan French Vintage Vallauris Handpainted 3D Cicada Art Pottery Vase Vallauris ceramic jug Jean Gerbino Vallauris vase Slip cast earthenware free form vase, decorated with ‘Écume de mer’ glaze ( sea foam ).Vallauris 1960 Poreclain Vase – Vallauris Charles Voltz Vallauris vase Andre Baud vase Vallauris.Other traditional pottery production companies in Vallauris were Guige, Saltalamacchia, Gaunet Brothers and Foucard-Jourdan who produced domestic pots in ‘terres vernissés’, using traditional designs and techniques.Jerome Massier iridescent glazed vase ( Liveauctioneers ) Clement Massier Art Nouveau vase Delphin Massier Vallauris Majolica Pitcher ( 19.5 inches ) In 1938 Suzanne and Georges Ramie founded the pottery workshop Madura in Vallauris.Jean Gerbino worked in the early twentieth century at Massier and was installed as a craftsman from 1930.Cedric Massier is the latest and sole practitioner of the family art in Vallauris.

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Ceramic art can be made by one person or by a group of people.

Subsequently, production turned from utilitarian pottery to more individual artistic creations.