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There, Peter is bitten by a genetically engineered "super spider." After arriving home he becomes unconscious.

Meanwhile, Harry's father, scientist Norman Osborn, owner of Oscorp, tries to secure an important military contract.

Peter discovers he has developed superhuman speed and strength, the ability to stick to surfaces, and a heightened ability to sense danger.

Brushing off Ben's advice that "with great power comes great responsibility", Peter considers impressing Mary Jane with a car.

Continue reading The National Hurricane Center’s 5 p.m.

EDT update said it expects “a prolonged period of catastrophic winds” and storm surge to affect the Abacos Islands and the Grand Bahama Island on Sunday night.

Outcast high-school senior Peter Parker lives with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

On a school field trip, he visits a genetics laboratory with his friend Harry Osborn and love interest Mary Jane Watson.

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Continue reading There were around 170 detainees at the facility when the airstrikes hit on Sunday.

He enters an underground fighting tournament and wins his first match, but the promoter cheats him of his money.