David cook is dating

17-Oct-2019 20:43

To come from the highest of the highs last year to go to such a low so quickly?

At the beginning when it starts to crumble, you think, ‘This is just a phase. As a mother you keep thinking about your daughters and you have to say, ‘This is an unhealthy environment.’ Not only is it unhealthy for me, but it’s unhealthy for my girls, too.

"You're basically a character on a TV show, and parts of it are worked so that it fits the TV show — but they're using your personal life.

So you become this character, but it's with your own name, parts of who you actually are, but other parts that are portrayed in a way that you're not actually," he said.

Shannon Beador and her ex-husband, David, have worked for years on their marriage, even after David admittedly had an affair with a woman who befriended Shannon. David admitted to cheating and made the commitment to attend counseling with Shannon.

On Tuesday, 34-year-old Lesley Cook took to her Instagram page to share a photo of some snow-covered scenery and tagged herself at the Stein Eriksen Lodge.

In an Instagram post, Cook said, “Happy Valentine’s Day to the most kind, funny, motivated, loving & [hot] man!