Do guys like dating short girls

08-Nov-2019 19:35

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Before you take this statement as an affront to the harsh realities of patriarchal oppression and expose my testicles to the flames of your self-righteousness, let me point out several ways I have found where being a short dude and being a woman directly correspond.

Perception A common complaint amongst women in the workforce is that instead of being praised for showing the same decisive leadership qualities as their male peers, strong women often end up being classified as “bitches” whose dedication is seen as a form of psychosis rather than that of admirable drive and ambition.It’s all men, men, and some more men, with just a smattering of token females to help indicate just how many fucking men there really are.Do you know what the average height of all that money-grubbing manmeat is? And that’s the average, which means a significant amount of those guys are actually taller than that.As contrary as the notion is to everything we know about the universe, there was a point in my life where I understood what it was like to be a Justin — be it of the Timberlake or Bieber variety.

It happened whenever I stepped out onto the school playground at recess.Very few of us smaller guys have to worry about receiving unwanted sexual attention.

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