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Perform the following to update the reconciliation configuration: Note: For information about the default set of reconciliation jobs for a given connector, refer to the corresponding Connector documentation available on the Oracle Help Center website at the following URL: .

If you choose to create a default request form, then the default form is created with the same name as the application. Therefore, if you want to customize it, you must create a new.

Oracle Identity Manager provides a quick and convenient way to onboard applications by using the Applications option on the Manage tab in Identity Self Service.

You can perform all the necessary configurations to onboard an application from a single console.

You can create applications for disconnected resources by using the Applications page in Identity Self Service.

See Managing Disconnected Resources in Instance creation allows you to create an instance of an application that shares the configurations of the base application but includes different connectivity options.

In some situations, such as when the application creation process fails, the system may contain partially committed applications.

To remove partially committed applications from the system, run the connector uninstall utility, as described in Uninstalling Connectors in In the following sample script, based on the type of provisioning (such as REQUEST, POLICY, or ADMIN) and on the type of operation being performed (such as creation or modification), data is transformed.

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In addition, it contains other details, such as publication information, connectivity details, and other advanced configurations that are specific to a target system.

After you perform all required actions in Schema page, click On the Settings page, you can review and customize the default settings related to provisioning, reconciliation, catalog, and organization publications.

After you perform all required actions in Settings page, click On the Reconciliation tab, you can review or customize the required predefined matching rules, situations and responses, and reconciliation jobs.

You can save an application configuration as a template and use it later to create an application. You can create templates in the following ways: Disconnected resources are targets for which there are no connectors.

Therefore, you must provision these resources manually.

For example, you can configure a script to run before a user is created.

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