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The views of creationists vary, so I will give you a very general set of beliefs. Creationists believe that the origin of species is "God created all the different animals and races of humans in their separate areas and and they have never changed." The most famous ones are Michael Behe, Kent Hovind, and Kirk Cameron… Old-Earth creationists: would generally say that it's as old as what is believed in Evolutionary theory. The evidence for evolution indicates organisms gradually evolved into their present forms from multicellular marine… Most Evolutionists do not have a strongly religious view of the origin of the Earth, while Creationists (by definition) believe that the formation of the Earth was a purposeful act by God. Young-earth Creationists disagree with the Intelligent Design movement for denying the designer.Creationists generally believe: - God created everything in present form. They also don't agree with long-age proponents of ID.2) Religious or not, he/she doesn't concern him/herself with creationism. I know of people who publish scientific articles and… Each group makes an effort to demonstrate its belief and also to falsify the belief of the other camp. The usage is almost exclusively coined by Creationists to imply that Evolution isn't a verifiable science, but a religion.It would be more correct to say that most Atheists subscribe to the…As long as there are people who are willing to think of the first chapter of Genesis as literally true, there will always be creationists.For a brief history of how creationism developed, please visit: There are multiple different types of creationists, depending on their beliefs.

Other creationists believe that God created the universe, this Earth, and living things directly, without recourse to billions of… Seeing God's wisdom We creationists have no problems with the Earth's ice caps. Link: The Earth's ice (link 1) Link: The Earth's ice (link 2) Link: The Flood Link: More against Evolution Creationists (especially young earth creationists) believe all animals were created within a one week period of time some six thousand (to ten thousand) years ago.In 1962, he became the Director of the University of California statewide Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP).