Ethan ruan and joe chen dating

27-Mar-2020 19:53

Go to Hongkong propaganda, reported by the media out of the light bulb Baron Chen, "love seat" sleep.

Before the Joe Chen book, the book said a romantic past, speculation that the protagonist is Ethan Ruan.

Her father is forced to flee the country and she finds herself without a father, home, or even a boyfriend.

Soon after she finds herself destitute, she reads in the tabloids that Huang Bo Cheng and her best friend Zhen Zhen have been secretly seeing each other.

But in reality, Esther Lau is not in love with Leon Jay Williams, but Ethan Ruan.

Later they love the exposure, Taiwan media reported Ethan Ruan fell in love with 17 year old Esther Lau, and it is reported that Ethan Ruan took Esther Lau's virginity.

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Flirt meeting

On her birthday, just when she expects to be proposed to by her long-time boyfriend Huang Bo Cheng (Tian Jia Da), her life is turned upside down.Although the ambiguous relationship between Ethan Ruan and Dongyu Zhou in the negative, but shooting "runaway detective", the film has a scene with Dongyu Zhou Ethan Ruan to run, was the 22 continuous NG lens.Speak really, this is really the two have quality actor's performance?To make matters worse, she is being followed by a tabloid photographer (Jason Hsu).

most of the time we just see the couples in dramas/movies, but in real life who is their soul mate?

[K-actor]CHA TAE HYUN His bride is his high school friend, whom he says is his first love.