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20-Jan-2020 17:57

But the coaching calls and community really helped me to absorb the material so that I ‘got it’ and it became second nature.

I’m really glad that, for me, it was just one, big investment. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved Love U.

Unless you’re going to be an engineer, you don’t need calculus. And life is all about relationships, so communication and conflict resolution skills are paramount. Or as writer/author Mark Manson puts it:“Because when you’re in bed dying of nutsack cancer, you’re not thinking about how Napoleon got over-zealous in Russia or how the Meiji Restoration totally changed the face of Asian geopolitics or how organic compounds are conspiring to make your brain rot.

I found every second of every video riveting – Evan is a great speaker.

What he says is so practical, how he says it is so down-to-earth, and his honesty, especially about his own dating experiences and marriage, is so refreshing.

Life took him in a different direction – a better direction – as life tends to do, and he ended up as a dating coach for ‘smart, strong, successful women’.

He’s married to a nice Catholic girl from Southern California who’s a few years older than him, and has two young kids – a girl and a boy.♥ Jealousy & Cheating ♥ Compatibility♥ Being a Great Girlfriend ♥ Commitment ♥ Breaking Up ♥ Wants Vs Needs For the Class of 2015, this was hours of video content plus exercises and resources, weekly group coaching calls (which were recorded) and an online community (ie.