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We wanted to enjoy the day of the wedding together and, and enjoy what an exciting time it was in our lives." Instead of a large bridal party, they chose to get their families involved in other ways.

Meryl's uncle, Cam Davis, served as the officiant for the ceremony, and her brother Clayton was the man of honor.

As they make their way back to their guests, the blue kiss of twilight turns buttery yellow under strings of lights woven between a lane of stretching plane trees, their friends and family seated for a feast beneath the glow of the lights.

"We just kept taking deep breaths and trying to take it in because I think that was one of the most impactful moments," says the bride, Meryl Davis.

"We certainly got to know each other within the context of sport and within the figure skating community," said Meryl.

"Fedor was five years older than me, and when you're young, that that feels like a big difference.

We just wanted everyone to have a good time and enjoy it and not feel obligated to do anything other than show up and have a great time." As for the technical aspects of the planning, the couple relied on event planners Matthew Robbins and Luis Otoya of Matthew Robbins Design for all of the details.

From there, he lived in a number of cities, including several years living and training in Detroit.So we are friends who've sort of blossomed over time." With such busy lives, the couple didn't begin to date until 2010, around the same time Fedor was preparing to retire from competitive skating.Not that retirement slowed their pace down much; in the years since they got together, Fedor graduated from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business (Meryl is getting her anthropology there as well), Meryl earned first a silver and later a gold medal at the Olympics before retiring from the competition, and both have continued managing active careers on and off the ice."Adventure and travel has always been a part of our lives," explains Meryl.It's a balmy evening in June, the air rich with the smell of fresh flowers, the breeze rustling the trees and wafting the distant lilt of music on strings.

The magical is meeting with the practical here: the idyllic beauty of a Provencal wedding reconciled with the aching realities of spending an afternoon walking gardens and gravel paths in a pair of heels.They were the first wedding planners we really spoke to and we were sold right away," says Meryl.