Fired event rowupdating which wasn

03-Feb-2020 08:38

fired event rowupdating which wasn-16

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You can also manipulate the Keys, Old Values, and New Values collections, if necessary, before the values are passed to the data source.A common way to use these collections is to HTML-encode the values supplied by the user before they are stored in the data source. This is because, I haven't found any solution that matches my problem, even though many of them are on the same lines. When the application was in the Edit state, I accidentally clicked on the "Update" button in my user control... so I clicked on Edit button and then clicked on the Update button (all the while my application was in the Edit state only) and the "Update events" was raised mysteriously!When I use my user control in an or in an file, Row Updating and the Row Updated events are not at all fired. My user control inherits from "Web Control" and NOT from Grid View PS. I repeated this multiple times and each and everytime I amused myself by seeing the Update button work even without doing anything!If anybody has an answer for this strange problem, please mail me or reply to this post... the Update button had gone on strike and wasn't raising the Update events for sometime even when the application was in the Edit state. The application was in THE EDIT STATE but still NO UPDATE Events when UPDATE BUTTON WAS FIRED.I just can't help pulling my hairs out and turning into a complete bald because of this strange problem.... I'm using ASP and have a Grid View inside a Data List Edit Item Template.I want to be able to select/edit items in the nested gridview.

fired event rowupdating which wasn-66

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As the name suggests in View mode the data can just be viewed without any permissions to make changes.A Grid View Update Event Args object is passed to the event-handling method, which enables you to determine the index of the current row and to indicate that the update operation should be canceled.

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