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The brothel is open 24/7 but the nightclub is open from 9.00pm to 5.00am daily.

It is worth trying Pascha out during a busy evening to really get an eyeful but you can also get some bargains during quieter periods.

If you are pushed for time, you can even visit a drive-in brothel!

Situated an hour from the Dutch border and between Bonn and Dusseldorf, Cologne is extremely well-served by its own sex scene but is also close to plenty of other opportunities if you have a car.

There are dozens of brothels around Cologne with some offering a unique experience such as Pascha, the largest bordello in Europe, whilst others have a more boutique edge.

We’ve pulled together a selection of the most popular brothels in the city where you can get full service as well as some surprising extras.

Eintrachtstraße 80, 50668 Cologne 80 is well situated in the north of the city quite close to the Hansaring railway junction.

The fourth largest city in Germany, Cologne is home to around a million Germans with around 3.3 million tourists visiting each year.

With its warm climate, rich cultural entertainment scene and plentiful supply of carnivals, it is a popular European tourist spot.