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31-Jan-2020 18:54

Kateřina attended her first English camp a few years after committing her life to Jesus as a teenager at a summer camp organised by a local church in Prague.Since then, she’s felt a strong desire to share the good news with her friends in a relevant way.And every day God is at work in this region, as young men and women are being touched by the message of Jesus Christ.

Check with your own embassy for specific information on marrying in Japan for your nationality.Kateřina joined KAM (JV Czech) a little after that (at the beginning of 2018) stepping into the role of HR Manager.She loves books, mountains, people, and the one who created them.In regards to the translation, you don’t need to be a licensed translator for this, the person who is getting married can do it as well.

Note that these are the very basic documents you will need to submit to the city hall when registering your marriage in Japan.

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