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09-Dec-2019 18:42

The Sharper case remains shrouded in mystery as police continue to decipher dozens of pieces of evidence, and consider the fearsome thought that there may be other alleged Sharper victims.

In Los Angeles, Sharper has been specifically charged with using the sleeping drug Ambien to render two women in two separate incidents unconscious.

Erin Gloria Ryan takes that to task over at Jezebel.

Sick garbage-people come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and, yeah, sometimes they’re handsome and maybe they once dated Gabrielle Union and maybe they do charity work.

A ninth woman has accused him of sexual battery, according to a Miami Beach police report.

Bleacher Report spent several months examining the Sharper allegations—interviewing law enforcement officials, examining police reports and court documents, and also speaking to former teammates and coworkers.

If he’s found guilty, it wouldn’t be the first time that a former professional football player was unmasked as a serial rapist; former All-Pro running back David Meggett is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence in South Carolina after being named in at least three different sexual assault investigations.

In both cases, if you get past the downright racist comments on message boards, a troubling excuse has bubbled to the surface: these strong, powerful and good-looking men don’t need to rape anyone to have sex.

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She lived in downtown Tempe, her apartment located near red-bricked sidewalks, perfectly cut grass and neatly aligned recycling bins.The police reports and court documents appear to present, in each jurisdiction, strong testimony against Sharper. For example, the alleged victims from Tempe said they partied with Sharper at The Mint.